Committee Structure

The committee meets once a fortnight for about an hour in the evening. You can get a place on the committee by being elected at a General Meeting. The society holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the end of the Spring Term. There will always be at least one committee member at all Wayfarers events. If you want to contact the committee at any point, use our 'contact us' form.

Current Committee

Flora Passfield




Hi, I’m Flora, I'm the Wayfarers President. This is my third year on committee and fourth year as a Wayfarer. It's my first year being President and it's my job to make sure everything runs smoothly and successfully. I also aim to come up with some changes to the society to try and help members become more involved in how things run and take part in learning more about leading walks and mountain safety and first aid.

I’m studying Biological Sciences and have always loved walking and the outdoors since I was a child. If I am cooped up for too long I develop what most people who know me kindly refer to as “big dog syndrome” which basically means I need to be walked or I drive everyone crazy with constant pacing. So the Wayfarers seemed like the best society to join and I have loved every minute of it and made some lifelong friends who share my need for fresh air and adventure.

David Chubb




Hi all, I'm David the Treasurer of the Wayfarers. I study Civil Engineering and am in my third year. I am constantly trying to lower costs for members and hope that we can remain an affordable and fun society to be apart of.

Wayfarers has been a large part of my university life and I have enjoyed the large variety of people you can meet. I am always up for a chat and discuss pretty much anything and everything with anyone and everyone. Interests include walking (obviously), music (I'm a trombonist), F1, badminton, good pubs and anything that happens to take my fancy that week.

Members will recognise me for my loud voice and my hats.

Sammy Mason




Hi, I'm the Wayfarers secretary Sammy. I'll be the one sending you the Wayfarers Weekly every Sunday, so make sure you have a read as its packed with useful information, stories and photos from previous trips and (until I run out!) hiking related jokes and puns! I'm also around to answer any questions that you send in on the Wayfarers email account.

I've only been a member of the Wayfarers for one year but (and I'm not the only Wayfarer to say this!) joining the Wayfarers was probably the best decision I've made during my degree thus far. I've visited some amazing places I wouldn't have had the chance to otherwise, met some fantastic people and made lifelong friends. I'm looking forward to another year of mountains, waterfalls, rain, sun, broken minibuses, collapsing beds, food to feed an army, BBQ's, pub trips and much more!

Dan Nicholls


Social Sec


Yo, I'm Dan and once again the Social Secretary for the Wayfarers. It's an amazing society that gives you the opportunity to see stunning scenery with equally awesome people at a cheap price. I joined the committee in my first term back in 2014 and would be lost without out it. I run a huge range of socials from Bacon Socials and Wednesday Walks to the traditional Pub Quiz I've got it covered. I look forward to meeting you and will embrace you with arms wide open!

Susie Elks


Bookings Sec

Emma Thompson


Transport Sec


Hi, I’m Emma and the Wayfarers Transport sec. This is my fourth year on committee and sixth as a Wayfarer. It’s my job to book all the minibuses and recruit people to drive minibuses and cars for the society. This is the second time I have done this job.

I am studying for my PhD in Chemistry but have always needed to get out the city, get some fresh air and exercise, so I joined the Wayfarers in the first year of my undergraduate and have stuck around since. I have made some great friends and seen parts of the country I would have never had the opportunity to without the society. It is truly a great thing to be involved with!