Committee Structure

The committee meets once a fortnight for about an hour in the evening. You can get a place on the committee by being elected at a General Meeting. The society holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the end of the Spring Term. There will always be at least one committee member at all Wayfarers events. If you want to contact the committee at any point, use our 'contact us' form.

Current Committee

David Chubb




Hi all, I'm David the President of the Wayfarers. I study Civil Engineering and am in my fourth year. I hope to keep Wayfarers an enjoyable and affordable society that people feel they can be involved in as much as they want.

Wayfarers has been a large part of my university life and I have enjoyed the large variety of people you can meet. I am always up for a chat and discuss pretty much anything and everything with anyone and everyone. Interests include walking (obviously), music (I'm a trombonist), F1, badminton, good pubs and anything that happens to take my fancy that week.

Members will recognise me for my loud voice and my hats.

Will Bache



Dennis van Soest




Hallo! I’m Dennis, the Wayfarers secretary. I am from the Netherlands and came over to the UK last year to do a PhD in Civil Engineering. My PhD is – of course – about walking! Particularly walking to public transport. And walking from public transport. Walking for life.

For me, the Wayfarers is an amazing society to do some walking, meet many people, and a great way to explore more of the wonderful UK countryside, instead of just seeing the city of Birmingham. As the secretary, I write the Wayfarers Weekly and manage our emails. If you have anything to contribute to the Weekly, feel free to contact me!

Susie Elks


Social Sec

Todd Waugh Ambridge


Website/Membership Sec


Hello, I’m Todd and I’m the computer-related-stuff secretary for the Wayfarers. I study Computer Science (duh) and am in my final year here at the University.

My job consists of upkeep of the website, managing the Eventbrite and Facebook pages, and ensuring that members’ details are sent off to the appropriate authority before trips commence. I’m famous for my love of day walks and infamous for my ironic struggle with high mountains (I’m getting better I promise!)

If you notice any problems with the website, or have any questions about anything else, don’t hesitate to contact me. :-)

Julia Wolska


Bookings Sec


Hi, I'm Julia, the Wayfarers' booking secretary, so I ensure that we get the best accommodations for our weekend trips! I'm doing a PhD in psychology and I'm originally from Germany, the nation which is famous for its love of hikes ;)

I started hiking at an early age as my parents own a house in Switzerland and always truly enjoyed it. For me, the Wayfarers society is a great way to get to know people and escape the city. I'm especially up for a bit more challenging walks, so let me know if you are up for that!

Douglas Creek


Transport Sec


I’m Douglas, Wayfarers Transport Sec, third year Chemistry student and part-time spicy food enthusiast - I make sure that we have the means to reach the amazing locations where we go walking during the year, so hit me up if you have any questions about that, or anything Wayfarers!

Wayfarers is a truly amazing society and one that I am honoured to be part of. After a while in Brum, seeing somewhere new (especially mountains!) and exploring with so many amazing people – and then heading off to the pub to rest our legs, has definitely been the highlight of my degree.

Huw Mellish


Communications Sec