Sammy Mason




Hi, I'm the Wayfarers secretary Sammy. I'll be the one sending you the Wayfarers Weekly every Sunday, so make sure you have a read as its packed with useful information, stories and photos from previous trips and (until I run out!) hiking related jokes and puns! I'm also around to answer any questions that you send in on the Wayfarers email account.

I've only been a member of the Wayfarers for one year but (and I'm not the only Wayfarer to say this!) joining the Wayfarers was probably the best decision I've made during my degree thus far. I've visited some amazing places I wouldn't have had the chance to otherwise, met some fantastic people and made lifelong friends. I'm looking forward to another year of mountains, waterfalls, rain, sun, broken minibuses, collapsing beds, food to feed an army, BBQ's, pub trips and much more!