Freshers' Ramble: Across the Lickeys and Clents

The following is a transcription of the trip report. Trip photographs follow.

Sunday, October 9th 1955

After a traditional misunderstanding about buses the party of 23 (including many Freshers) eventually set off from Rednal.

We took the very pleasant path through the park, by the lake, and over Beacon Hill, dropping down the other side through the National Trust property to A38 by Chadwick Manor. Walking south to Woodrow Farm and then westwards, we reached "The George" at Fairfield at a satisfactory hour. It was a calm, mild day and we had lunch in the grounds. See the photograph opposite: Dennis's 7 second 'wait for it' camera was both successful and entertaining.

After lunch we walked at a more dignified pace through Wildmoor and Madley Heath to the foot of the Clents; and at an even more dignified pace up to the trig point. We point out with pride the feat of having five up at once - and hope that next time we will remain in equilibrium long enough for a photo!
There were mixed feelings about the arrival of Treasurer Tony at this time. It seems that after failing to get on the bus he went back to bed for a couple of hours.

With but little protest we dropped down to the road and up to the northern hill.

A show of hands indicated that only three people were prepared to come by a longer route to Halesowen, but when we set off only three stalwart males dropped down the short way. We took our last footpath for the day, through Tack Farm and reached Halesowen with only three blister shared amongst the twenty.

Roy E.