AGM 1956

This meeting was held on Tuesday May 8th 1956. The photo was probably taken at the exterior of the Guild, and features the President at the time, Dr. Carter, 4th from the left on the front row.

Annual General Meeting, 8th May 1956

The meeting opened at in Committee Room 3 of the Union. Dr. S. R. Carter, the president, was in the chair & twenty five members of the society were present.


  1. Minutes of the last A.G.M.
  2. Chairman's Report.
  3. Treasurer's Report.
  4. Election of Officers for Session 1956-7.

2. In his report the chairman said that Dr. Carter had again been unable to lead his presidential ramble but that he hoped to be able to do so next year. He went on to mention the various innovations instituted this year. Firstly instead of one freshers' tea at Edgbaston the society had held two coffees, one at Edgbaston & one at Edmund St., which had increased the publicity. He also thought that the circularisation of Freshers by means of a pamphlet should be continued. This year there had been more Youth Hostel trips & the support given to them seemed to indicate that they were well worth continuing. Sunday rambles too had broken new ground, but the Christmas Vac. trip had not attracted any support. The midnight hike too had not been successful. He thought that a notice of the term's programme in advance had been a useful idea. The Norfolk Broads had again been a great success & now seemed to be a yearly tradition.

Another innovation had been an indoor programme & talks had been fairly well supported but it was felt that members felt it their duty to attend; the theatre visit to Stratford had been very popular & the chairman recommended that the new committee would do well to elect an Entertainments Representative amongst themselves to attend to such matters. Carnival had not been very successful and the chairman mentioned the advisability of not having a float.

The chairman concluded by thanking Dr. Carter for his interest & support; the secretary, treasurer & committee for their help; and addressed a few words to those who would not be on the committee next year, reminding them that they were the mainstay of the society.

The adoption of the chairman's report was proposed by the president & seconded by Mr. B. Duckham & passed unanimously.