Arley to Kinver

The following is a transcription of the trip report. Trip photographs follow (from similar walks in 1956 - or perhaps dated incorrectly).

Sunday, October 16th 1955

Efficient leadership & legible notices ensured no traditional misunderstanding over buses or bus times. This Kinver Edge ramble began from Bewdley along the west bank of the River Severn as far as Upper Arley where we stopped for lunch (outside in the yard) at the Harborn Inn - there was a noticeable surge forward of 'old' Wayfarers as the Inn hove[?] in sight. Obviously the fine day and brisk walk had brought about a healthy thirst and appetite. Dennis's "wait for it" camera was as entertaining as ever (i.e. the previous week). The developed film reveals the photographer looking large in the centre of the group - only just in time.

Immediately after lunch the ferry took us across the river & thence we skirted Arley Castle, stopping awhile to walk through an overgrown garden where we were told (by Roland) existed specimens of lesser-known [???]. We road-walked east up to Bellman's Cross on A442 stopping to buy many apples - very cheap - from a nearby farm and then carried on east along the road to Wittells 2nd & entered Coldridge Wood.

Here, alas, we got lost. The path we followed, marked on a rather old survey map was overgrown & gradually petered out. The Wayfarers found themselves single-file fighting their way through the tress emerging to breathe fresh air at Castle Hill - having almost completed a circle. The only action taken against the leader were a few light blows inflicted by a fire-beater found on the way.

The Ramble proceeded uneventfully north-east to the caravan pitch at the foot of Kinver Edge. We climbed up Kinver, stopped for a while to view a lovely sunset, descended the other side into Kinver and then returned home via Stourbridge.

Evelyn M.