What to Bring & Lending Policy

What to Bring

Items marked with an asterisk (*) can be borrowed from the society in limited numbers. See our lending policy.



Suitable walking boots must be worn on all trips. A good pair of leather or fabric boots will provide excellent grip and ankle support and are also less likely to give you blisters. Trainers or Doc Martins are not suitable for walking in the hills as they do not provide sufficient ankle support or grip. If your boots are new then make sure that you wear them as much as possible before coming on a trip. This will break them in and hopefully stop them from rubbing. Don't forget about socks as well, a good thick pair.
These boots are suitable: Suitable Walking Boots
These are not suitable: Unsuitable Walking Boots Unsuitable Walking Boots
If you do not bring a suitable pair of boots then you will not be allowed on the walk.


  • Comfortable trousers. Not jeans or heavy cotton as, if they get wet, they are slow drying, which is a risk for hypothermia.
  • Overtrousers


  • Waterproof jacket
  • Fleece
  • Additional layers to help regulate your temperature


  • Gloves, hat and scarf for colder weather
  • Sun hat and sunglasses for warmer weather

Essential Accessories for All Trips


Preferably 20 litres capacity or more to carry your food, clothing and other equipment.

Water bottle(s)

It is important to keep hydrated when exercising. Take at least a litre (more on hot days).

Additional Essentials for Weekend Trips

An additional, larger bag

To store items you don’t take on the walk and which will be left in the hut.

Sleeping Bag

For sleeping in! The club has a very limited number of sleeping bags that can be borrowed if requested.


Toothbrush/paste/shower gel and towel

Other Recommended Items

  • Head torch
  • Pen knife or multitool
  • Pen
  • First aid equipment
  • Compass
  • Rain cover for your bag or plenty of plastic bags
  • Cash (for beer, ice-creams or other emergencies)
  • High energy snacks (in addition to lunch)

Wayfarers has a small collection of equipment to lend out to members on trips. These include:

  • Tents
  • Sleeping bags
  • Day sacks
  • Sleeping mats

Lending Policy

If you want to borrow an item from us then you must specify it next to your name on the trip registration sheet. We have limited numbers of all the items above, and operate on a first come, first served basis. We charge a small fee for each item and expect it to be returned to us in the same condition it was lent in.