Trip Information

Getting a Place

Get in the loop

Our trips fill up quickly, so it's important to know what to do to get a place. First, you need to decide which trip you want to go on - check out the Future Trips section to see what's coming up. Bookings usually open two weeks before the trip, but to make sure you hear about them you should subscribe to Wayfarers Weekly (see the sidebar). Why not give our Facebook page a like too? In Wayfarers Weekly, we'll include details of how many spaces are available, confirm the cost, and tell you where to go to register for the trip.

Registration and payment

Our lunchtime booking sessions occur twice each week in the Guild, but the days vary by week. You have to be a member to register. At the booking session you can give any dietary or medical requirements. You'll also be expected to pay the trip fees in full to secure your place (excluding extended trips, where you just pay a deposit). If all the places are full you can still be put on the reserve list for no cost, and we'll let you know if a place becomes available.


Some days before the trip, you should receive an email from the trip coordinator, giving details of where to meet, what the weather looks like, the expected terrain, and the menu (if applicable). Get in touch if you don't have it by Thursday!

On the day

Don't forget to turn up! You'd be surprised how often this happens. You need to make sure you're well prepared for the type of trip you've come on. You'll probably want to check out our Equipment section too.

Pulling out

We've all been there - you forget it's your sister's friend's dog's birthday party and realise you can't make it on the trip. What happens next depends on how popular the trip is: if there is a big reserve list then there will be someone to fill your place and you'll get your money back; if we can't find anyone to go in your stead then you won't get a refund - sorry!


Types and Costs of Trips

Our trips come in three flavours: day, weekend, and extended.

Day Trip: £10 or less

There are many pleasant locations for walking near to Birmingham, and these are where we go on day trips. The trip will be on a Saturday or Sunday, and, depending on the destination, we'll travel either by minibus or by public transport. You'll need to wear the usual walking attire, and bring a packed lunch and some emergency cash. Past destinations have included the Malvern Hills (Worcestershire), the White Peaks area of the Peak District, and Stiperstones.

Weekend Trip: £35-£45

To get to the best parts of Britain it's necessary to travel a little further. We usually set off for a weekend trip on Friday evening and get back Sunday evening. Weekend trips are a great deal, as not only do you get transport and accommodation for the weekend, but also breakfast and dinner. In addition to walking attire, you'll need to bring two packed lunches, some snacks, a bit of cash and a sleeping bag. Through most of the year we sleep indoors but in the summer months we pitch tents outside instead. Past destinations have included the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the Pembrokeshire coastline.

Extended Trip: £200 approx

Once a year, Wayfarers organises a longer trip to somewhere much further afield than our usual walking locations. For the past few years this has been to the Isle of Skye in Scotland, where we stay in a better accommodation. These trips are usually held in the Easter break. Look out for more details on this year's extended trip soon!


Roles on Trips

Trip Coordinators

The person overseeing the trip as a whole is known as the trip coordinator. Usually a committee member, this role makes sure each trip goes off without a hitch. Responsibilities include

  • confirming transport arrangements with the Transport Sec and drivers
  • planning where to drive and walk
  • writing and sending out the trip email
  • paying for food and accommodation from the trip funds


It would be impossible to do many trips without our intrepid drivers.  For longer trips we try to have two in order to share the load. We are always on the lookout for new drivers, so do make yourself known if that interests you.

Requirements: To drive for the society, you need to be over 21 and have held your license for two years. To drive any vehicle larger than a 9-seater minibus you'll need to take a test - ask the Transport Sec for the dates. As long as you pinky-promise to drive for us, Wayfarers pays for the test.

Benefits: Drivers receive a £5 discount on day and weekend trip fees (more for extended trips) and, as everyone knows, get the best seat in the minibus.

Walk Leaders

Picked from our more responsible members, walk leaders do most of the navigation and group management on the walks. We can never have too many of these, and the society runs regular training sessions to get everyone up to scratch. As a walk leader, you'll have a say on walk routes, and more importantly, when to stop for lunch!

First Aiders

Our walks often take us to remote locations, with no phone signal, in poor weather and poor visibility, which means we can't rely on others for the safety of our walking group. That is why we aim for each group to have at least one qualified outdoors first aider. As with walk leading, the society runs regular training sessions. If you already have a first aid qualification or are able to teach first aid to others, let us know.